Dog exercise equipment

before we get started, ensure your dog is happy with the sight and noise of your new treadmill. The next thing to do is to put your dog actually on the Mill, offer a treat as encouragement. Switch on the treadmill and set it to its slowest speed. Give your dog a few treats, maintaining the encouragement. You should also make your dog comfortable by standing in front of the treadmill so that he’s/she’s walks toward you. Using your dogs lead and harness to steady them may also help greatly and using a local dog walker.

Although doggy treadmills are a superb way for your pooch to get fit, you’ll find it best to avoid stopping outside walks altogether. The sights and sounds and let’s do not forget the smells of an active outside walk will stimulate your dog’s senses and aid a happier experience.

Obstacle Course
Building an obstacle course is great! It’s a fantastic way to amuse your dog keeping him/her fit agile and healthy. Obstacle courses can be made from lots of things, broom handles, rubber rings, cardboard boxes etc. laid out in a pattern your dog can be taught to navigate this arena increasing the difficulty as weeks pass and as your dog becomes familiar with the course.

Adjustable Jump Bars
Jump bars can be simply made at home without the need for expensive professional products, just buy a broom handle and stick it through a hole in two old cornflake boxes and hey-presto a fully working jump bars, alternativly a professional dog day care company can also provide the best excersise and pampering.