Data and base – screw training, just do it! is our method of training, we throw away the theory and embrace hands-on experience created via a modular system of smooth leading courses.

Overall our dedicated team combines over 35 years of knowledge in the database industry. each of our trainers brings something new to the table, while website support is vital the ability to run an effective WordPress website database while keeping it smooth and corrupt free.

You will discover risk prevention and cryptography plus SQL Server database management. We shall introduce Oracle training to bridging your skills gap up to proficiency. While most databases can be classed as an advanced Excel sheet, first forms only need one value, redundancies are common, second normal forms create an advanced. System-level configurable databases, creating a database statement, transaction log, containment securities.

Sandbox environments are convenient to configure these initial database tables while maintaining longevity. Sequal data folders for default, data & fundamental content should only require enhanced coding in a particular way. Nevertheless, we draw your attention to work completed by your neighbours i.e. random code, sequel servers hate this random code and can cause immense data shortcomings.

The last thing you want is for the database to become corrupt and have ‘bleeding’ from one cell into another, believe me, this ain’t pretty, and the dreaded error ‘cannot connect to database’ becomes your worst nightmare!

Your completed training will allow your application to the top 100 IT Irish based companies, where top earners take home over €40,000 per year. Yes that is possible.